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A list for supplies/ labor needed for house beautification purposes- any help is always welcomed! Email us at if you have any information... Note: these are not listed in any particular order of importance

Acquiring and installing new kitchen cabinets
Labor to put in Kitchen Counters
Help with restoring Garage and organizing/ inventory of donated supplies
Painting center Stairwell walls
Finishing Banister- refinishing/ painting
Acquiring and Installing Gutter Screens
Tree Trimming in back, front and side yard
Furniture including mattresses, bed frames, dressers, desks, dining area/ coffee tables and chairs for kitchen and living area.
Volcan Oven/Stove (and vent fan) maintenance and repair
Installing donated bathroom counters, sinks and toilet stall partitions. 

Bins to organize Rush Room supplies (paint, poster board, banners, puffy paint, markers etc) large ones for decorations (like christmas wreaths and ornaments) and smaller drawer ones to keep smaller objects together

Direct Cable line jacks in every residential and common area rooms

If you know of any resources or can help us out with discounts or donations, please submit your information. Again, we appreciate any involvement! Thank you!